Since it was first made available for iOS in 2017, the Files app has made it simple to organize and manage all of your saved files in one place on your iPhone or iPad. You can work together, tag files for organization, view documents in preview mode, sync with iCloud Drive, and more.

The Files app provides extra features in addition to all the standard file management tools. You'd be a fool not to make the most of the app's many useful features. So below, we've covered each one

Add Tags

Filtering multiple files from various sources without physically moving them is made possible by file tags. Consider that you collaborate on a single project using iCloud Drive, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Additionally, the files are dispersed among several folders because you must work with your team members.

The best way to view all the files associated with a project in one location is to add a project tag. Both an iPhone and an iPad require the same steps to add a tag. Tap and hold on a file and choose Tags from the popup menu to add a tag.

Tap Add New Tag on the popup menu. Choose a color and give it a name. You can select multiple tags for the same file once you return to the tags section. Selecting all of the items on an iPad and dragging them on top of a tag in the sidebar will tag more items more quickly.

Mark Folders as Favorites

Tap and hold a folder you frequently use, then drag it to the sidebar next to the Favorites section. No matter where you are, you can now easily access it.

Use the Recents Section

The Files app also has a Recents section, which lets you quickly access any recent files you've interacted with over the past few days. Users familiar with Finder on macOS will be happy to learn this.

There are various sections on the Recents tab. It will display previews of the documents you've shared with others and the files you've used recently. You can see a preview of a file by tapping on it in the Files app.

The four most recent files can be opened instantly on an iPad without even opening the Files app. On the Home Screen, simply tap and hold the icon for the Files app to bring up the Recents widget. The Files preview will instantly open when you tap on a file.

Share Files Through the Files App

You can save and export documents to other apps using the Files app. This is useful if you want to send a PDF to someone via email, edit a document in another app, or do other things.

When viewing a document in the Files app, just tap the Share button to display the Share sheet. The file can then be opened in any app that is compatible. A document can also be scanned in the Files app and shared via the Share menu.

Zip and Unzip Files

You can zip and unzip files and folders using the Files app to reduce storage requirements. To create a ZIP archive of the selected item, tap and hold it and choose Compress from the pop-up menu. To create a ZIP archive of all the files you have selected, tap Compress from the More menu.

Simply tap on a ZIP file to unzip it and reveal its contents if you have one you'd like to open. As an alternative, you can hold down on the ZIP file while choosing Uncompress from the menu.

Collaborate on iCloud Drive Documents

The Files app gives documents you've stored in iCloud Drive collaboration features, though it doesn't have as many features as Dropbox and other services. This function allows you to quickly create a public link for any iCloud Drive file.

To share a document from the Files app, tap and hold on to the document. Tap Share in iCloud from here.

Choose how you want to share the file from this popup. You have the option to send your invitation using a variety of apps, including Messages, Mail, and others. Additionally, you are free to modify any share options you see fit.

The Files App Is So Useful

The Files app is very useful for managing multiple file services in a single location, despite the fact that it may initially seem a little difficult to use. Take the time to explore and use the app for yourself because there are many more features than we can discuss in a single article.

One of the most practical apps on the iPhone and iPad is the Files app because you can accomplish so much from within it.